I’m Monica Hansen – Yin & Yum is my practice of nourishing the body with yoga and healthy foods!   I offer workshops, small group and private sessions in which we practice Yin Yoga and learn about creating healthy and delicious foods.  And we don’t just talk about it! Each session includes food that I prepare especially for you.

Yin is a form of yoga that encourages the connective tissue in the body to release and soften.  The poses are all on the mat – no standing – and are held for up to 5 minutes with an ever deepening release and quieting in the body. Read more about Yin yoga here.

My version of “yum” is homemade, wheat-free, low-glycemic foods made with healthy ingredients (organic preferred).  Some of my favorites include muffins, granola, truffles, protein balls, dehydrated crackers, smoothie bowls, hummus, garden water and more!  Read more about Yum here.

Read more about what I offer here.  If you’re ready to schedule your session, or would like more information, click here to contact me.