Monica is an RYT200 certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance/Darling Yoga, having completed her training with Christy Burnette and Emily Darling. She also holds a B.S. in Nursing, an R.N., and has been a nurse/massage therapist in private practice for over 25 years. Her heart-centered practice, Sacred Space, is focused on women’s health and wellness for all stages of life from birth through the aging process. Perinatal massage is one of the great joys in her life.

As a yoga teacher, Monica is drawn to the slow nourishing practices of restorative and yin yoga. She focuses on encouraging each person to soften into their own expression of the pose, creating space and acceptance of their authentic self, knowing that when the body feels supported in a pose it then feels safe to open to its fullest expression in that moment.

Monica has been first vegetarian and then mostly vegan since her teens.  Her interest in properly nourishing the body and preparing healthy foods has resulted in hours spent in the kitchen exploring new recipes that she discovers by reading blogs and cookbooks each evening.  The results have ultimately been delicious and her use of unprocessed and low glycemic ingredients creates yummy foods that are truly good for the body.  One of her great loves is chocolate – organic cocoa powder and cocoa butter are always near the top of her shopping list.  If you look in the dictionary under “foodie” her name must surely be there.

In addition, Monica has been a natural light photographer in the Greater Kansas City area since 1995. She loves to photograph yoginis, expectant mamas, newborns, animal companions, gardens and more. You can see her work throughout this website and also on her photography site at Illumination of Spirit.