For me, yummy foods are all about nutrient dense, very low sugar, organic whole food ingredients.  I eat mostly vegan and believe wholeheartedly in what Michael Pollan says: “Eat real food…not too much…mostly plants.”  When I prepare from a recipe I always halve or quarter the sweet and will substitute dates or maple syrup for the listed sweetner.

Some of the things I like to create in my kitchen are: Granola – Protein Balls – Cheesecake –
Muffins – Cookies – Truffles – Green Smoothies – Hummus – Pesto – Roasted root vegetables – Garden salads – Garden infused water.

Ingredients I use (organic whenever possible) include: Cocoa powder – Cocoa butter – Maple syrup – Almond flour – Coconut flour – Raw coconut butter – Raw Almond butter – Flax seed – Dates – Figs – Raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans and sunflower seeds), Raw coconut both shredded and flaked, Fresh fruits and berries – Avocado – Romaine –  Hemp seed – Powdered greens – Frozen berries – Edible flowers – Fresh garden herbs – and CINNAMON!

Most of the things I like to make can be refrigerated or frozen to extend the life. I encourage you to experiment in your own kitchen. I guarantee you won’t have to eat everything yourself!